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Cross The Line to Pro Eternal Life

There are some lines that we really need to cross. I recently had a dream about standing between two sides. I could see both sides and the differing points of view. In real life and in the dream, I have been on both sides. In the dream I was saying, “I am pro-eternal life!” I do not remember all that I said but I knew when I woke up that I had been attempting to offer hope and a greater purpose of what “PRO" means. Sadly, the PRO Eternal Life seemed a side of its own. Many who were supposed to be representing God were not sharing His Love, His Cross and His Grace of Salvation Life! I was on the Pro Life side before I had an abortion at 21 years old. Then I was on the Pro-Choice side in my choice but not in my heart. If that makes sense. I suffered from my choice. I was very sorry I had allowed that choice. I did not know how to right my life from that choice. I sought God for forgiveness. I went to church and was highly involved in Bible Studies and serving but I rarely, if ever for decades, FELT FORGIVEN OR LIVED FORGIVEN!!! I lived religiously. I lived trying to make up for what I had done when all the time JESUS had offered me forgiveness as a gift, I was trying to pay for it! Through it all I have become Pro Eternal Life. By the grace of God I’ve learned Christ: His Cross, Death and Resurrection saved me from all my sins, even abortion! God has not failed me. I failed Him. He has been Good to me. Yet, The Pro Life and The Pro Choice sides failed me. Because these sides have failed me, I write to share with others that The LORD will not fail any who come to Christ, for Christ to truly know us*! It took me so long to understand who the real Jesus is and what He has really done for me, for us believers. The reason I write is so that hopefully others who are struggling in any way, especially in the aftermath of an abortion might truly be offered the real grace and mercy and forgiveness Christ died to give, sooner than I did, not later. Thus, I will share some of my story to help others know they are not alone and there is real forgiveness, hope and abundant life available. There are literally millions of men and women who have chosen abortion. If they are like me, they do not know how to really grieve a loss they caused. They may not know how to reconcile it all and move on. So it is time to make the real Jesus real, the real Gospel real. While on the Pro Life side, I kept my secrets for years. I knew if I told my story I would be SHAMED and many Pharisee types, (even a couple “Christian counselors and a pastor) did hurt me to the point I almost committed suicide. I asked a pastor if I could live with a clear conscience and he told me he would get back to me! In desperation, I studied The Bible on my own. The LORD showed me Paul’s life and his forgiveness and clear conscience from Acts 9 onward. The affirmations of God’s forgiveness of abortion were hard fought and not readily understood by me from my religious upbringing. I so want The Gospel to be readily lived out and shared. I think my dream represented this desire for GOD’S TRUE FORGIVENESS FOR ABORTION and ETERNAL SALVATIONS to be clearly given and for God’s people to speak up for the life of the unborn in a gracious, non-judgmental kind, merciful ways: and for these to be the goals of true disciples of Christ. I stand for life of the unborn from a different perspective, I have been a victim of early childhood sexual abuse and know that many like me are in survival mode before an unexpected pregnancy happens. So I pray to be compassionate and share the love and grace of God. I also have read that abortion is about two times more likely in those with an abusive background. People need compassion and real help not judgment and un-love. I am against all bullying, harassments, hatefulness, or any other measure of control or force. I am for sharing our stories and telling of God’s amazing love and grace and of the help that is available. Crossing some lines can be very dangerous, even deadly. Yet counting the cost for real eternal life is of more value and of first importance. I believe the real Jesus was a line crosser that never sinned. He crossed over and touched the lepers and healed them. Only one of ten came back to thank Jesus. He crossed over into the religious sector and challenged their beliefs. He was called a wine-bibber, a friend of sinners, a sabbath breaker, a blasphemer, a glutton, that he had a demon, was/is insane, and other assorted words of mocking, of accusations, of condemnations and of evil associations. Yet, Jesus carried on to do His Father’s Will. Jesus knew the heart of each person. Jesus did not take the side of most religious people and Jesus did not take sides with those that had no sense of their own sinfulness: either the legalistic or the truly sinful that loved their sin and had no heart to repent. Only Jesus knew the lines and I believe because He knew His Father’s Will he only crossed the lines He crossed in obedience to His Father. Jesus knew who would be his and he knew who would never be His because He is Sovereign. Jesus has a heart for the oppressed, the sinners, the lost, those without a true shepherd, those that are desperate, those that have messed up or are broken, the repentant, those that cry out for mercy…those that know their need for Him…Jesus is more loving, more gracious, more merciful than we represent him. In my dream I was attempting to represent Him as He has been to me, while I was, at times, on both sides. Sharing the Pro Eternal Life Christ died to offer and inviting and welcoming people from both sides to hear of Jesus and His Cross where all forgiveness is offered and where real love, acceptance and hope can be received to change one’s world inside out was the essence of my dream. There was determination and passion to explain who Jesus really is and for people from both sides to be willing to know the real love of God, to come to the Cross of Christ where Jesus loved us and gave himself for any who will believe. I want all people to know that Jesus died to save us from sin. He offers that all sin can be exchanged for forgiveness! Hope and peace can be received and eternal life can be born in all who believe in The Risen Christ. This is the message of real hope people need. *Matthew 7:22-23

Cross The Line to Pro Eternal LifeCross The Line to Pro Eternal Life


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