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Image by Rueben McChristian

Are You Willing?

Abortion, LGBTQ and gender issues are hot topics affecting millions today. Many say Christians are judgmental, uncaring, not authentic, and even hateful when relating to these groups and individuals. This book gives glimpses of grace and mercy to challenge all people to love well with truth and realness remembering and sharing the greatness of love and acceptance and forgiveness Christ offers to all. 

The greatest treasure on earth is Jesus Christ. He is the answer and remedy for sin but so much more. Knowing Christ is an unending treasure that we are privileged to share and want for everyone. Are you willing?


Are You Willing?

Available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and other retailers. 

Image by Christian Widell


This book empowered me to live the Christian life the way the Lord meant it to be lived. I think religion and pulpits and sermons can become stagnant and they file religion as to something you DO. This book highlights a few people who really share their experiences in allowing God to live their faith to be WHO THEY ARE instead of what we DO. 

This book helped me to accept my own imperfections and receive more fully the perfect love of God. When people can show each other true understanding, we can love each other just as God has loved us.

If you are willing- and you are truly called and thirsty ....this book is like an energy drink that pumps you up to push you out side your comfort zone which is the true GOSPEL. This is NOT a ghostwritten book by a big name on a subject they have studied for a few months... this is a book about real women who had the courage to study...step forward...and act. HIGHLY RECCOMEND.

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