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COFFEE: Christ Offers Forgiveness For Everyone Everywhere: The Real Coffee of Christianity

She was walking out to get her coffee in her car as we were walking in to the church. The significance of her going to get her coffee would soon be epic in my life and I pray will be for all who hear this message of Good News!

We hugged, greeted each other with an unusual fondness of true Koinonia. That fellowship originated from an experience of God we had together two Saturdays before. We were bonded In Christ, by His Holy Spirit, even though we had been complete strangers prior.

This happened at a Woman’s Retreat called Your Story For God’s Glory, discovering why your story matters.

As she began to tell her story. I was on high alert and felt her struggle. Telling a church filled with women a previously buried deep, secret sin, filled with shame, brings spiritual attack. I sensed the Lord instruct me to go stand with her. I hesitated in prayer to confirm this was really the Holy Spirit and not just my doing or desire to help her. I felt compelled and confirmed. I stood cautious to see her reaction.

She looked at me with questioning eyes. I asked if I could come stand with her. She said shook her head up and down to signal a YES.

God had made the way. I went onto the stage and put my arm around her. She gripped my hand on her right shoulder. I placed my other hand on her left shoulder. Like anchoring her from collapsing. Her telling her story was taking a lot out of her. (I remembered how it had me too, when I had first shared in a church.)

As she told of an abortion, my tears flowed like streams. My eyes downcast in mourning and a feeling of shame that comes with secrets not fully feeling God’s full redemption yet. She was courageous and consistent in telling her past in sharing the enormity of how Christ became real and His forgiveness had flooded her soul. Her story evidenced a move from head knowledge of Jesus and religion and fear of hell to heart receiving of a real relationship of knowing Christ as Savior, Forgiver of Sin, The One who had taken the punishment of her sin, Reconciler to His Father. She knew Christ and He knew her! She knew she did not deserve forgiveness and could never earn it but Christ had earned, purchased her forgiveness on the cross! He had overcome sin, the wages of sin: death, the grave, hell and Satan’s kingdom through His Resurrection! Because of Jesus she is free!

We shared these great realities:Christ our Savior gave Himself for us! Christ our Savior fully forgave and redeemed and freed us both!

We are free of the penalty of all of our sin and want others to know Christ as we are blessed to know Him and changed because of him!

We began as complete strangers. Standing shoulder to shoulder depending on our Savior and His Redemption, had united us as sisters in Christ.

So back to the significance of the coffee. Two weeks later, when we met at the church entrance, after she went outside the church to get her coffee, we (my husband n I) went on to a new class. The class was a video of Pete Briscoe teaching on Galatians Chapter 1. It began with him talking in great detail about his coffee. Everyone seemed perplexed at how long and how much detail he went on about how much he loved his coffee and all the details of the ingredients of creme and sweeteners.

He then went right into his lesson on the contrasts of the real gospel, the law, and the mixed gospel. He spoke about the mixed gospel as another gospel, as the cursed gospel and as no gospel at all! At this point he poured car motor oil in his coffee!

The coffee that he had gone on and on about how much he loved now had poisonous ingredients! Of course, his intention hit the mark. Everyone realized this was the cursed Gospel coffee!

I marveled at the significance! We are called to the real coffee Gospel only!








All the finished work of Christ for the forgiveness of any sin is represented by real coffee!

We are to live what my new sister In Christ had modeled in her giving testimony of God’s amazing Grace!

She was, in fact, that morning, going out to her car to get her coffee. This represented to me that she would go to those outside the church and bring them in --with the real coffee, the real Gospel of ALL GRACE!

Let’s live the real coffee of Christianity! Let’s live Revelation 12:11!

For Christ’s sake, for the advancement of His kingdom, for the power of God to salvation for any who will believe, let us tell of The Gospel of Christ, of His wondrous works for the children of mankind! This is the day of salvation. (Romans 1:16 &13:11; Psalm 107:31; 2 Corinthians 6:2)

Praying for those multitudes in the valley of decision to choose this day who they will believe and who they will serve! (Joel 3:14; Joshua 24:14-15)

Jesus Christ came to save us from our sins! Matthew 1:21

Why not let him?

It is the greatest and most important decision of a persons life whether to believe or reject Jesus Christ!

but these are written so that you may believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God, and that by believing you may have life in his name.

John 20:31 ESV.

Jesus is worthy of all glory honor n praise!

{“Jesus is ‘the source of eternal salvation for all who obey him’ (Hebrews4:9).

For believers:

You can ‘approach the throne of grace with confidence, so that [you] may receive mercy and find grace to help [you] in [your] time of need’ (Hebrews 4:16). As you ask for forgiveness for the past – you can know that you will receive ‘mercy’. As you ask for help for the future you can know that you will receive ‘grace to help’ you in whatever your needs are and whatever difficulties you are facing at the moment.

The image of the throne is a way of emphasising the majesty and glory of the one who sits on it – God. Yet through Jesus you can approach God in prayer and worship no matter how you are feeling or what you have done.

Lord Jesus Christ, thank you that through your sacrifice I can approach the throne of grace with confidence, receive mercy and find grace to help me in my time of need.” Devotional Day 307 Of The Bible in one year 2019 by Nicky Gumble on You Version}

For more about Deborah Saint's story to bring God glory:

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