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Deborah Ann Saint

May we be surprised by a magnitude of Hope here. Whatever your feelings at your arrival, I hope  you have come looking for whatever you think will satisfy your thirst. May this not be  a mere earthly source but one to find Messiah pursued us, together here,  just as He did with the Samaritan woman. May we dine at to the King's table, , for we are INVITED to go to the Eternal King's table for fellowship and acceptance just as Mephibosheth dined at  King David's table. . This is the way to thrive in today’s crazy world; bring your whole self, just as you are: your personality, your sense of humor, and most importantly, your heart. Let Christ manifest His love, truth and grace to you. All of these elements and more, brought me to found The El,ephant Gospel in early 2017.  I invite you to browse my site, and pray you will be  inspired by the sheer magnitude of GRACE God has had on me and wants to have on you! What passion this fact invites for Revival. Explore the Truth of The Power of the Gospel. May Christ reveal Himself, His Truth and Grace to us. May the power of salvation for those who will believe be experienced. May you discover His Love is better than anything on earth. 

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