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A Mother's Day Surprise

“Happy Mother’s Day to all Mother’s and Mother’s to be” the exuberant, joyful welcome rang out to us assembled. Surprising words followed but rested on my heart like a warm blanket on a wind strewn, snowy, frozen day.

“Today is a difficult day for many women. Let us recognize this and pray:

For those “would be mother’s” that have not been able to conceive,

For those that chose abortion, feel pain. an empty place (missing child) in their lives,

For those that grieve over a child or mother’s passing.

For those that feel being a mother has been painful…

Prayers followed.

The surprise was not over. The pastor’s words felt anointed, held authority and launched the next unexpected action:

“Now men in the congregation, I ask you to stand. Even if you have not been guilty of the things I will speak of, will you stand in repentance for the men of our nation as a whole?” Men throughout the audience all stand.

“LORD, please forgive us men for failing to lovingly care for and protect our women and our children. Onward went a simple but power-packed prayer. “We REPENT, we ask Your forgiveness and redemption, LORD. We ask for healing of our women and our families. Help us men be husbands, fathers, leaders as You created us to be. In Jesus’ Name, Amen

Never had I heard a pastor lead a congregation like this before. A sense of wonder, joy and thanksgiving welled up within me as The Gospel Hope Christ offers of FORGIVENESS, GRACE and MERCY was boldly proclaimed.

Having experienced a forced abortion in college that has marked my life like no other, I stood in awe of the Gospel Truth, Grace and Comfort extended to me that rare Mother’s Day in that church.

It is good news to know despite infertility, God has a plan and has worked wonders in and through those that struggled with infertility in special hope filled ways. Those born out of this agony, changed our world. (Isaac; Samuel, John the Baptist…)

It is Good News to be given the gift of forgiveness through Christ for abortion! To be declared not guilty where there has been guilt, is great Good News!

It is Good News that we have the hope of heaven. Despite the sorrow of death and missing our loved one(s) here, we will see our children or/and believing mothers or other loved ones there. We still have great hope, unlike those that do not know Christ.

We can offer that hope to those that do not yet know Jesus. He wants us to do this and called us to share Christ, The Gift of God, to the Nations!

Perhaps instead of this being the rare exception, the Messages offered that day can be proclaimed with passion regularly in what Christ died to give: HOPE for ALL!

JESUS and HIS FORGIVENESS is a reason to celebrate Mother’s Day with Joy!

C Christ

O offers


For Everyone


Please check out the COFFEE blog that is like a cousin to this blog. Thank you. May God's Amazing Grace and Mercy be a reality to you all IN CHRIST's COVENANT HOPE, IN Christ, I pray, Amen.

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