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Acts of Kindness & Empathy Miracles

This Worldwide coronavirus pandemic can be especially hard on families that have experienced trauma and relationship difficulties. Most of us have moments or days filled with fears, with questions, with uncertainty. We might feel alone, lonely even among people. Our “normal” has been interrupted and our schedules can feel or be without supports we are used to. Feeling disengaged n having trauma or attachment wounds can heighten hardships that social distancing has created!

We might have feelings that really disturb us. We can feel situations that trigger painful memories. We have had (or maybe are experiencing) depression or even life-threatening feelings of not wanting to live with our pain! We can feel like we don’t matter ...we can feel purposelessness and worthless and feelings of turmoil and torment. This week I spoke with a woman who had been abused severely, by a man and woman, neighbors, as a child. She said that she has not felt very loved much or at all most of her life. Further even the people that were supposed to love her did not protect her and did not show her unconditional love. She rarely felt supported like she needed in her struggles. After listening to her memories and painful emotions, I expressed sorrow she endured such tremendous abuses of many kinds. I assured her that through it all she has become a very loving person. She learned how to love by seeing how not to love. The failures of others to love her helped her know what she needed but others lacked in giving her. She set out consistently determined to love others with kindness, forgiveness, understanding, wisdom, grace and mercy. Today she is one of the most sensitive, kind, generous, wise, compassionate, loving, gracious person that I know! Her example is one to follow especially in this worldwide time of crisis and trauma. People need love and understanding more than ever and even small acts of kindness can yield great results! All these hard times we may be positioned for a miracle in someone’s life. It could be our own, a family member or someone we least expected to impact, even a total stranger. Have you heard of man who was in car to go commit suicide and pulled up to red light and group of girls smiled and flirted with him? He changed his mind and went home believing he must have some value and hope! We never know what a smile or kind word can mean to hurting people! So this time in our world is a new opportunity: Each person you meet and every situation that confronts you is an opportunity to show kindness or love in so many different and unique ways! Communications of kindness matter! Let’s light up the world with loving words, actions, deeds, smiles, laughter, hugs, and appropriate connections of love! To this end, I have written this blog and the free activity/coloring book for children and families (to be added as soon as I have computer help, please check back). Thank you for the opportunity to connect with you! Sincerely in a Desire to Express Love and Care, Let's all make a difference for someone, IN CHRIST's Name and Love, Deborah Ann Saint

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