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Blessed are Those Invited

Invited to what, by whom and for what purpose is criteria for being Blessed. Perhaps, the greatest invitation is to be invited to the marriage supper of the Lamb. Revelation 19:9

In Luke 14 Jesus told two parables. The Parable of the Wedding Feast and the Parable of the Great Banquet. These parables are telling of the incredible blessing of being invited but how people do not recognize the value or incredible gift the banquet will be and make excuses or often reject the invitation.

Jesus says, none of those men who were invited shall taste my banquet.

Wow, what warnings these are to all people everywhere. The God of all Creation invites us but so many of the invited do not accept His invitation.

It can give us something epic to consider and see if our lives line up with a desire to accept Jesus' invitation and be there and go out to all the byways and highways to invite as many as will come! Our invitation is not based on our goodness but the generous, merciful Giver of the Marriage Supper of the Lamb. What privilege we are offered. I do not pretend to understand all the theology of all that Jesus says in these parables or how it relates to Revelation 19.

What gets my attention is the greatness of the invitations but how little people realize its value and how under appreciated it really is and how few want to accept and enjoy what grand experiences and graciousness that God offers!

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