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Overlooked by People NOT by The LORD, The Fields are White Unto the Harvest


Let us be those that are Believing God despite the Double Impossibility

Mordecai saved a pagan king from traitors that sought to murder him and was not recognized for quite a long time. He did not try to get recognition. He just kept being faithful to God and serving and caring for his adoptive daughter, his cousin, Esther and we assume by his character that he was praying. He seemed to live true to God. He kept showing up at the city gate. He kept checking on Esther. He cared. He did not become apathetic. From Scripture, one may surmise, it might be said of him, that he did not give up, he surrendered and submitted to God and His Will not to man and man’s will.

Mordecai refused to bow to man and it was known at the city gate that he would not pay homage to Haman as others did by literally prostrating themselves as Haman desired. Despite people urging him to bow to Haman, Mordecai refused and seemed to stand steadfast before His God in obedience to bow ONLY to His God even if he was alone in doing so. He seemed convinced God seeing and knowing was enough and was his purpose in living despite the fact that others opposed his faithfulness and Haman hated him for his lack of obeisance.

It appeared Mordecai’s refusal to bow brought on the threat of extermination of all Jews but in the end the plot of the enemies of God were thwarted by the guidance Mordecai gave Esther and she followed and by GOD’s SOVEREIGN GRACE and MERCY, HIS FAVOR! God used Mordecai and Esther and the people uniting in fasting to the LORD to touch the heart of King Xerxes and bring about the deliverance and saving of many lives!

Sometimes our faithfulness to God seems to bear little fruit or significance for a long time. Often we are overlooked for our part, our obedience and service not recognized and our knowledge and living of His Word not acknowledged.

It is what we do with “this overlooking,” “this disregard, this sometimes downright rejection and opposition” that tests us and can prepare us for the ultimate destiny God has for us.

Do we still believe in the fact: “God has us,” sees us, knows why we are experiencing what we are experiencing and is A GOOD, GOOD FATHER? This is what is at stake, our BELIEF IN WHO GOD IS AND WHAT HE IS DOING and WHY and What God will do with what we have experienced. What keeps us steady when our circumstances and emotions counter what we know God’s Word says about God and we want to believe but it seems opposite of our experience?

Would you agree, “Job-like situations”, “walks in the desert on way to the Promised land” and “long waits” tend to test us like few other times?

Looking at “long waits”: Abraham and Sarah might be the test case in point. Yet Abraham is the Father of our faith!

How many years did Abraham wait on God to fulfill His promise? 22years? How many visitations and dreams and promises during those 22 years? In the meantime, in the long wait with no child, did Abraham give up believing? He definitely “took” Hagar and birthed Ishmael. He did “what he could, in his own strength and understanding” to make his and Sarah’s version” of the promise happen. BUT it was NOT GOD’s WAY. Our way often is faster and seems easier but it bears forth “man’s own works” and NOT GOD’s WILL! Scary!


In the end Abraham BELIEVED GOD and IT WAS COUNTED AS RIGHTEOUSNESS! Abraham still was not the perfect man. To me, he seemed more concerned about Ishmael than Issac being promised by a HEAVENLY VISITATION OF THREE! Abraham’s relationship with Sarah was perhaps not ideal. Had he lost respect for her in her treatment of Hagar? Did he not see Sarah as God saw her? Yet, Abraham was ultimately faithful to be believing of God and God counted Abraham’s faith as righteousness! Our faith matters. We will not get it all right either! Sometimes our FAITH IN GOD’s PERFECTION, OF HIS FAITHFULNESS, OR HIS PERSON AND RESURRECTION POWER is all we have to offer. But this is precisely what God desires most of us: TO BELIEVE GOD! To believe In God's perfection, to acknowledge our lack of perfection! To believe In God's Faithfulness, not our own, to LOVE GOD and BELIEVE IN HIS POWER TO RESURRECT US WHEN DEAD in our own failed works!

God’s forgiveness and grace, even after we mess up totally and birth something of our own making, demonstrates His Redemption and He is faithful in the birthing of His Promised Heir)s) and Harvest! God redeems, paid it all and it is in our counting Him Faithful and True that we are counted righteous!

Our FAITH IN GOD and His Redemption Promise and Power is what is most important in life and is what matters the most!

I am not ashamed of the Gospel of God for it is the power of salvation for any who will BELIEVE!

Today, THE LORD has given us Revelation in the book of Revelation. We are to reveal Christ to the nations and not bow to man’s works but to CHRIST, CHRIST’s FINISHED WORK ALONE.

Revelation 12:11 is our call in how we overcome! I stand against man’s religious work, as Haman’s work! I BOW TO CHRIST ALONE, To Overcome By The BLOOD OF THE LAMB, giving testimony of God’s faithfulness where I was unfaithful, even to the death and to the overlooking of many.

God sees, God knows, God is a Good, Good Father and He promises Resurrection Life and Harvest!

Just as in the book of Esther we live in a culture that often ignores God, His Presence and never mentions His name. BUT GOD is alive and there are still Mordecai’s and Esther’s and those that will fast with them in our midst! Will we refuse to submit to the bowing down to man and stand fast for God and His Gospel saving and worship The LORD in Spirit and In Truth?

Just as in Genesis, we live waiting for God’s Promises to be fulfilled. We long for Christ’s appearing and His full redemption. Will we believe when generation after generation has waited and still the Messiah has not returned? Our faith IN GOD pleases God. HIS WORD is Truth and FULL HARVEST AND REDEMPTION IS PROMISED! MAY WE BELIEVE and LIVE OUR FAITH FULLY!

In JESUS Name, I pray, Amen.

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