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The Divine "Would You Be Mine?"

Jesus invites any to come to Him and in a sense asks: "Would You Be Mine?

The Divine "Would you be mine?" is different than any other. Higher, Best...

Think of it: The Creator of all, The Great I Am, The Great High Priest, The King of all Kings, The Messiah invite you to be more than His neighbor!

God Himself invites you to be His very own child, to be made alive spiritually, to be a part of Him and He be a part of you!, to fill you with His Holy Presence through the Holy Spirit! What an invitation!

As with all honorable generous invitations of real love for the invited, the cost of the fellowship is paid entirely by The Host. The invited is the recipient and gets to receive! In this true divine invitation it is unique as the recipient is offered great opportunities and gifts. One is to be a partaker of divinity, to be made new and a part of God's Kingdom and Family!

Think of it: the cost for our partaking, of our communion with God cost Jesus His very life by the most unjust, horrendous rejection and suffering (which lead to death) known to man!

There is no greater love than this lying down of God’s life for his friends and even his enemies to become his true friends. That He desires wholeheartedly for even those that caused his death to be forgiven and given grace for faith and invites them too to experience eternal life in knowing Him, being joined to Him is miraculous, scandalously sacrificial, powerful, perfect, providential love!

Think of this: His love invitation is supernatural, agape love initiated. It’s a one of a kind, life giving, life altering opportunity. The best kind of take over, a transfer from the kingdom of darkness spiritually to Light, a child of God, a child of light results, a saint.

Forgiven, adopted, beloved, made new, accepted, truly known fully and loved beyond measure is one part of His wonderful invitation!

"God is love and is love is perfect and unconditional and the greatest love in existence. His examples of love are wonderful and worth following and imitating. Yet Christ offers us more than imitation. He offers us Himself. For His life to be IN US and FLOW from us.

What if a person lives loving self and a neighbor as self in a way that is extra-ordinary, but have not truly loved God first, have not done so for God’s glory, is this a counterfeit love or someone showing their love for God through their actions? How do we tell the difference? The fruit may seem present and plentiful?

Said in another way:

What is only imitation but not INDWELLING evidence?

OR said another way:

What if our love shows compassion, patience, joy, peace, kindness, great gentleness, self control and a wonderful balance of accepting all people and this loving shows real results but lacks any words of first loving God and does not clearly show others to God through Jesus Christ, could this be a counterfeit type of love? What if our life of loving excludes any talk of Jesus and our eternal destiny, is “a supposed Christian” still truly living their faith by showing others Christ through actions as a way of living the great commission?

What if we are convinced we are living Biblical principles to the utmost but never speak of Jesus or our own need for forgiveness, are we truly “Christian” and doing God’s Will?

What makes a person a sheep and not a goat? Biblically, I believe a person only becomes a sheep by being born from above. This process unfolds through The Work of God and includes repenting of sin and accepting Christ and His finished work for the forgiveness of their sins and then gladly lives abiding In Christ with Jesus as their Shepherd in life. If one truly lives abiding in Christ’s presence loving well is to be a living proof manifest reality in life. Why do we not see more evidence of real God glorifying, Christ centered and exalting, Christ like and Christ abiding LOVE?

Jesus says to ALL PEOPLE “would you be mine”?

What if a person loved so well everyone thought the person was a believer IN CHRIST but there was never a salvation experience of RECEIVING CHRIST, will that person go to heaven?

How can TRUE BELIEVERS, INDWELT BY THE HOLY SPIRIT glorify God more by showing God is love and His love changed us and enables us to LOVE WELL?

These are some of my questions and thoughts in these days of reading about Good Samaritans, Good Neighbors and comparing Biblical love with love seen in the world. What glorifies God and not man? May we be learning more to discern the spirits and tell what is true as a believer and follower of Jesus Christ

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