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Jesus Only

Jesus Only, Only Jesus. If we truly lived JESUS Only how would our lives look?

Jesus Only in our deepest heart and life, as our First-love would surely transform us. Would you agree?

A Jesus Only life would be radically different than those of the world and the Presence of the LORD would be heavy in our lives. Would you agree?

Reading the biography of The Life of AB Simpson, it is said in Chapter 24, "The one unique text which has for many years hung on the walls of the Tabernacle, and which most clearly and unctuously defined his mind and heart was "JESUS ONLY."

In reading AB Simpson biography it is evident he was a man of God that exuded JESUS: others SAW and FELT JESUS when around him.

A quote of the book about AB: "always to be noticed that the affection of his students seemed to be drawn to His Master (JESUS) even more than to himself. It is difficult to recall his ways and methods in the classroom because of the OVERPOWERING SENSE OF THE LORD's PRESENCE that abides in the memory as the aroma of his teaching."

He lived JESUS ONLY GOSPEL LIFE. His life proved it out. He did not look for a following and did not determine to build any great ministry. He just stayed IN LOVE and FOCUSED ON JESUS and FOLLOWING wherever JESUS ONLY led.

What a great book. I would encourage any believer to read it.



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