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Wisdom's house and Nehemiah's Wall

Proverbs 23: 3-7

By wisdom a house is built,

and by understanding it is established;

by knowledge the rooms are filled

with all precious and pleasant riches.

A wise man is full of strength,

and a man of knowledge enhances his might,

for by wise guidance you can wage your war,

and in abundance of counselors there is victory.

Wisdom is too high for a fool;

in the gate he does not open his mouth.

The LORD is good. Just yesterday a passage in book titled: The Life of AB Simpson (kindle page 57-58-59) seems "related" or sheds more revelation, to me, on the Proverb 24 verses above:

“In the Fullness of Jesus, he (AB Simpson) states this in another way.

The indwelling of the Holy Ghost in the human spirit is quite distinct from the work of regeneration.

In Ezekiel 36:26 they are most clearly distinguished. The one is described as the taking away of the hard and stony heart’ and giving ‘the heart of flesh’; of the other it is said: ‘I will put my Spirit within you and cause you to walk in my statutes, and ye shall kieep my judgments and do them’.

The one is like the building of the house;

the other the owner moving in and making it his own personal residence.

In the passage from The Christ of the Forty Days we read:

“There is a difference between our receiving power for the Holy Ghost and our receiving the Holy Ghost as our power. In the latter case we are as insignificant and insufficient as ever, and it is the Person who dwells within us who possesses and exercises all the gifts and powers of our ministry, and only as we abide in Him and He works in us are we able to exercise this power.

He learned, too, that “what men and women need to know today is not sanctification as a state, but CHRIST AS A LIVING PERSON.”

In his much quoted tract, Himself, we find him (AB Simpson) saying, “I prayed a long time to sanctified,….I lost it because I did not hold on to Him.” Out of such painful experiences grew this glad song:

“Once it was a blessing, Now it is the Lord;

Once it was the feeling, Now it is His Word;

Once His Gift I wanted, Now, the Giver own;

Once I sought for healing, Now Himself alone.”

He taught, “Sanctification is divine holiness, not human self improvement, nor perfection. It is the inflow into man’s being of the life and purity of His (Christ’s) own perfection and the working out of His own Will.”

In Wholly Sanctified: “He (THE LORD, God Himself) is the Author and finisher of our faith, and the true attitude of the consecrated heart is that of a constant yielding and constant receiving. This last view of sanctification gives boundless scope to our spiritual progress. It is here that the gradual phase of sanctification comes in. Commencing with a complete separation from evil and dedication to God, it now advances into all the fullness of Christ, and grows up to the measure of the stature of perfect man hood IN HIM, until every part of our being and every part of our life is filled with God and becomes a channel to receive a medium to reflect His Grace and Glory.”

I love these verses in Proverbs and Ezekiel and love these passages in this book!


O let our home be built by Your wisdom and established by Your knowledge. Please fill our rooms with YOUR PRESENCE as You are the greatest, richest treasure on earth! Please help our rooms show Your Presence in what is physically a part of our homes. Help us be wise and full of strength and people of knowledge that enhances our might. Help us have counselors enough to bring victory and Wisdom high enough to prevent fools from entering and speaking!!! Do not let the foolish have say in our homes or sanctuaries (Body OF CHRIST places of true worship) O LORD Ruler of the Universe please help us build the walls of YOUR HOME IN US AND IN YOUR TRUE REMNANT and CHURCH AS NEHEMIAH DID as our example! Deliver us from the unclean, unrepentant, fakers, betrayers and enemies. Especially those like Judas, Sanballat, Tobiah, O LORD, Creator and Sustainer, NOTHING IS TOO HARD FOR YOU! Jeremiah 32:17 (ESV)

‘Ah, Lord God! It is you who have made the heavens and the earth by your great power and by your outstretched arm! Nothing is too hard for you!!!!

Reminds me of Nehemiah 4: When Sanballat, the governor of Samaria, heard that we were rebuilding the walls of Jerusalem, he became angry and started insulting our people. In front of his friends and the Samaritan army he said, “What is this feeble bunch of Jews trying to do? Are they going to rebuild the wall and offer sacrifices all in one day? Do they think they can make something out of this pile of scorched stones?”Tobiah from Ammon was standing beside Sanballat and said, “Look at the wall they are building! Why, even a fox could knock over this pile of stones.”

But I prayed, “Our God, these people hate us and have wished horrible things for us. Please answer our prayers and make their insults fall on them! Let them be the ones to be dragged away as prisoners of war. Don’t forgive the mean and evil way they have insulted the builders.”

The people worked hard, and we built the walls of Jerusalem halfway up again. But Sanballat, Tobiah, the Arabs, the Ammonites, and the people from the city of Ashdod saw the walls going up and the holes being repaired. So they became angry and decided to stir up trouble, and to fight against the people of Jerusalem.

But we kept on praying to our God, and we also stationed guards day and night.

Meanwhile, the people of Judah were singing a sorrowful song:“So much rubble for us to haul! Worn out and weary,will we ever finish this wall?”Our enemies were saying, “Before those Jews know what has happened, we will sneak up and kill them and put an end to their work.”On at least ten different occasions, the Jews living near our enemies warned us against attacks from every side, and so I sent people to guard the wall at its lowest places and where there were still holes in it. I placed them according to families, and they stood guard with swords and spears and with bows and arrows. Then I looked things over and told the leaders, the officials, and the rest of the people, “Don’t be afraid of your enemies! The Lord is great and fearsome. So think of him and fight for your relatives and children, your wives and homes!”Our enemies found out that we knew about their plot against us, but God kept them from doing what they had planned. So we went back to work on the wall.From then on, I let half of the young men work while the other half stood guard. They wore armor and had spears and shields, as well as bows and arrows. The leaders helped the workers who were rebuilding the wall. Everyone who hauled building materials kept one hand free to carry a weapon. Even the workers who were rebuilding the wall strapped on a sword. The worker who was to blow the signal trumpet stayed with me.I told the people and their officials and leaders, “Our work is so spread out, that we are a long way from one another. If you hear the sound of the trumpet, come quickly and gather around me. Our God will help us fight.”Every day from dawn to dark, half of the workers rebuilt the walls, while the rest stood guard with their spears.I asked the men in charge and their workers to stay inside Jerusalem and stand guard at night. So they guarded the city at night and worked during the day. I even slept in my work clothes at night; my children, the workers, and the guards slept in theirs as well. And we always kept our weapons close by.Nehemiah 4

LORD, because YOUR FLESH WAS TORN FOR US, We put our faith IN YOU and have entered in to the veil of Your Mercy through YOUR BLOOD ATONEMENT: I thank You that You have chosen me to have Your Heart by New Covenant and I have made a home in your heart and You KNOW ME by covenant and are at home in my heart, so help me LORD live worthy of my calling IN CHRIST! May we as YOUR BODY truly HAVE ENTERED INTO YOUR NEW COVENANT and have received YOUR LOVE, FORGIVENESS AND MERCY AND GRACE at the Cross and thank You through Your Resurrection we are secure. Thank You we have YOUR HEART TO LIVE FROM, help us live wholly sanctified IN CHRIST's PRESENCE to receive the Holy Ghost as our power, in His power of holiness! Help us love one another and also be protected from the evil one and any enemies in the gate! You LORD are the door and good shepherd. Protect us, guide us, lead us, make us, wholly Yours

SO HELP US LORD, we ask and believe. In JESUS Name, Amen

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