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Who are "Me Too's" to Tell? Will Youth Be Allowed to Tell or Talk to Counselors or Wil

The ME TOO RAGE is flooding American soil with tears, grief and yet some HOPE.

Ed Stetzer tweeted (May 23, 2018): “When you don’t report abuse and /or sexual assault, you empower abusers and fail victims”

My response: “It’s critical who you tell. Telling the wrong person can further destroy or diminish you. My story.

Reality and Statistics show that MANY ME TOO’s, (especially youths) struggle with their sexuality.

The legal wars currently being fought in the court rooms across America are eye opening to the problems, prejudice and persecutions. Will "counselors" be legally allowed to talk to youth?

Controversy from every side, finger pointing, blame, anger, rage and hostilities run deep in this issue of “counseling” youth about sexuality!

Where is the foundation and bridge of Hope?

Hadn’t we better look at what we as Christians can do to help youth today report abuse and get effective, loving, truthful, hopeful help.

Will leadership in the true church discipline those counselors that have abused this place of authority and supposed help? Repentance is needed but denial must first be addressed.

Is the True Church a refuge of help and hope or are we like the courts are saying a harm and hinderance to real help to the point laws are being created to stop any counseling to youth regarding UNWANTED homosexual feelings?

Is the church a safe place for Me Too's To tell?

Our time may be short in even being legally allowed to talk to youth!

Can you guess why? Too many reasons to report in a short article, for sure.

BUT GOD wants us as His Church to minister to the sin victimized and “sick sin choosing” as CHRIST did to us in Romans 5:8.

We are to live extending grace, mercy, truth, love and every conceivable compassion and help that a “Good Samaritan” can offer.

Too often we are like those that pass by in our religiosity and do not want to get involved or get ourselves dirty or bloodied from the involvement or “association”. Did not Jesus sit with the woman at the Well despite the disciples thinking He was wasting His time or wondering why he was talking to her?

JESUS was a friend to sinners. JESUS gave us "the model to live" repeatedly.

Will we be the first to cast a stone as Jesus kneels before us in prayer for the ones found in sin or victimization or will we recognize WE TOO are guilt ridden and the wages of sin deserve death?

JESUS took our death and we thus can offer Hope to the world because of Christ’s great gift of God to us!

ME TOO’s and others struggling with sexual issues need love, acceptance, grace and the True Gospel lived out to them in real time.

There is so often a flood of pain, isolation, confusion, rejection, and all forms of fall out from abuse.

The answer is the true Gospel. Will we live out "the laying down our lives" to live out the Gospel as Jesus did, as the Good Samaritan did to the one(s) who come in our path and/or to the masses needing help/healing?

Would you agree: The church needs better to learn how to minister HOPE to any sexually struggling youth and adult?!

WHO CAN A YOUTH TELL and truly get real help?

Telling a friend can get one in deeper drowning waters or bring one to safety.

All depends on the friend.

Telling “a supposed believer In Christ” sadly can do likewise or worse: either drown/stampede one to death or diminishment or shame/condemnation or bring one to safety and refuge.

(It may depend on who the believer is trusting (themselves or God) Do they live out of the True Gospel and Truth or from what their prejudices, fears, wrong teachings are? What is the foundation of their faith?)

May we fight not to let the foundations be destroyed for then what can the righteous do?

Telling parents or ministries can often lead to disowning and disasters of rejection and can cause suicide. Misunderstandings and feelings like the person has SSA towards another when there is NONE there is a possibility of further condemnation and distrust.

Psalm 11 is telling especially verse 3:

3The foundations of law and order have collapsed.

What can the righteous do?”

Are we at this place in reality?

We know the end will be like the days of Noah. We must be like Noah to call and warn people to come inside the safety of the ARK:

All Receive Kinsman: JESUS IS THE Kinsman Redeemer and our ARK of Redemption/Safety/Refuge/Hope....

Redeemer: CHRIST and His Cross and Resurrection: our Refuge: The Savior of the World. Jesus calls us all to enter in. He is available for any who will believe! He is the DOOR. JESUS IS THE DOOR TO ALL TRUE HOPE!

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