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Housekeeping a soul can save a soul. To admit what is taking over our lives and destroying and stealing from us in big or epic ways is to tell on THE ELEPHANT! But first let's define "THE ELEPHANT" and what "affecting" means...

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia:

Elephant in the room is an English-language metaphorical idiom for an obvious problem or risk that no one wants to discuss,[2].

It is based on the idea/thought that something as conspicuous as an elephant can appear to be overlooked in codified social interactions, and that the sociology/psychology of repression also operates on the macro scale.


The term refers to a question, problem, solution, or controversial issue which is obvious to everyone who knows about the situation, but which is deliberately ignored because to do otherwise would cause great embarrassment, sadness, or trigger arguments or is simply taboo. The idiom can imply a value judgment that the issue ought to be discussed openly, or it can simply be an acknowledgment that the issue is there and not going to go away by itself.

The term is often used to describe an issue that involves a social taboo, such as race, religion, homosexuality, mental illness, or even suicide. It is applicable when a subject is emotionally charged; and the people who might have spoken up decide that it is probably best avoided.[8]

The idiom is commonly used in addiction recovery terminology to describe the reluctance of friends and family of an addicted person to discuss the person's problem, thus aiding the person's denial. Especially in reference to alcohol abuse, the idiom is sometimes coupled with that of the pink elephant, q.v. "the pink elephant in the room."...

AFFECTING: (Adjective): (from free dictionary online)

  1. touching the emotions; moving.

"a highly affecting account of her experiences in prison"

This here blog is written in an attempt to get dialogue started with anyone interested. Let's share about any "elephant in the room" you want to tell about. Especially interested to see what people think "THE WORST ELEPHANT IN THE MIDDLE OF ROOM"is to them. #WORSTELEPHANTINROOM

We will have a vote at the end of this and the top 3 winners will be offered THE ELEPHANT GOSPEL BOOK.

I am new at this so please be patient as I learn social media.

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