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What gets you up in the morning and motivated and "launched" for the day?

The Gospel is powerful and valuable. The greatest gift, treasure and triumph offered to man is God Himself through Christ Jesus His Son. This RELATIONSHIP matters and I pray is truly now my “Launching Point”.

When our lives give honor, praise and glory to God by testimony of our salvation, redemption, restoration and transformation we are following God’s Word in living out Revelation 12:11. We are living and standing for The LORD, His Gracious New Covenant and Great Commission. Revelation 12:11 promises we will overcome. So why when I and others that have lived in accordance to The Gospel and Revelation 12:11 are we ignored, treated worthless or with contempt, even persecuted and treated as a leper and stench IN THE BODY OF BELIEVERS/The Church?

Encouragement came when reminded of the Biblical reasons why we are opposed as I read Charles Stanley’s devotional “The Truth About Salvation” April 23, 2018. He writes, “Satan wants both Christians and Non-Christians to be confused about salvation, but for different reasons.When it comes to unbelievers, the devil’s purpose is to have them think they’re saved by doing good works…in other words by being a “good” person. His motive is to keep the lost man or woman lost. This is an all-too effective strategy, even among many who attend church regularly. Assuming their good deeds will outweigh their bad deeds, they consider themselves heaven bound when in reality, they’re actually on the road to horrifying, irreversible disappointment Matthew 7:21-23….He goes on to say: Scripture is clear we are saved by faith and not by works Eph 2:8-9. …God’s desire is that our relationship with Him will be so exciting and joyful that we reflect Jesus to those around us. Does this excerpt help shed light on why Church people do not approve or accept a Christian living Revelation 12:11? Perhaps they have not trusted ONLY IN THE BLOOD OF CHIRST, THE DEATH OF CHRIST as the atonement for their sin? Perhaps they have not applied the fullness of the Gospel to their own lives and thus carry much shame and unbelief or self hatred and unforgiveness Perhaps they are mortified to think God might ask them to take off their mask and tell their real testimony? If one is not willing to give testimony of their real life can one be truly believing and living the Real Gospel?

Salvation is a gift and we are to pass on the message of the greatest invitation by showing it is not by our goodness or good works we are saved but BY GOD’s GOOD WORKS IN CHRIST’s coming, dying, rising to save us from our sins.

So why not tell some of the sins that CHRIST has saved us out of and from? Why not boast on JESUS? There are souls at stake. They need to know the Truth of how Good God is and how really true the Good News Is!

{Side note and detour: I have been the woman at the well, the outcast. Like a Samaritan. Disciples of Christ, even leaders have shunned me, ignored me, devalued me by treating me as nonexistent, invisible even.

The first disciples who when they returned to Jesus, the woman at the well ran. I have run also.

But I was reminded that soon after this run off, JESUS would bring transformations to his disciples and would call the disciples to go to the Samaritans. Jesus gave this call during his 40 days as The Resurrected Christ on earth. (Acts 8).

Perhaps we should follow The Great Commission and go to the uttermost parts of the world to the uttermost sinners? The first disciples did and we are to go also! Detour ended. Onward Christian Soldier...}

Many who know Christ do not truly live for Him and many that think they know Christ in reality will be shocked when Christ says depart from me I never knew you!

Francis Chan spoke on the unbelief and lack of true salvation or false assurances of salvation in a recent sermon…. it is worth watching….click on Tell The Truth Yakoob…

Tell The Truth Yakoob

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March 20 ·

It's Shocking but It's True#

Many Churchgoers Will Be Tormented in Hell#

Francis Chan#

This teaching is powerful and a wake up call that we are called to live a life that matters. One life to live, will we live for CHRIST? Souls are perishing, we are called to rescue the perishing..... Consider:

Who or what do you love the most in life?

How do you spend your time?

What investments in time and energy does your calendar reveal?

Are you religious or habitual in your daily routines and thus lack freedom and joy?

Why do you do what you do?

For many years I was so religious and Religion was my launching point and yet I thought it was what I was supposed to do to Know God. I was miserable. Religion failed me and in it I failed my family n church n community n CHRIST! Religion in this sense is defined as man’s working to reach to God= impossible n makes pride, LEGIONS of demons. Religion is a curse!

Christianity is RELATIONSHIP w CHRIST.

I am still learning how to RELATE TO GOD and not perform for Him.

How bout you?

LORD deliver me (and us) to live truly IN CHRIST, Truly Yours in every sense and truly free and joyful, living the path of life You have shown us and obeying your great commandments and commissions out of love for You!

In Jesus Name, I pray.

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