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Preach and Boast on THE CROSS AND RESURRECTION for the forgiveness of sins! Grace and Mercy are avai

Commonly heard in the churches and media is this warning: Judgment is coming to America because of the number of abortions... But what if GOD wanted his message of MERCY offered more than the judgment we deserve! I mean is that not why JESUS DIED? He took our judgment upon Himself so we could be forgiven. SO few times have I heard this preached to post abortive men and women. WHY? It is not a license to sin or say abortion is ok. A person like me would NEVER want another abortion, and didn't want the one and only one I suffered, agonized through. How many are like me? Many are regretting this worst choice or were forced to make the choice that has brought them years of torment. Operation Outcry recognizes this horror and too frequent reality in USA. Why do the pastors, the shepherds of God, not make the GOSPEL GRACE JESUS DIED TO GIVE LOUDER than the warning of judgments that are proclaimed? It is devastating to me. Are we still somehow depending on our own works for forgiveness and think we are somehow better than those that have had an abortion? GOD FORBID. Are there some Saul's before Damascus Road's out there persecuting those that most live the Gospel and others that need to hear the TRUE INCREDIBLE GRACIOUS GOSPEL GOD OFFERS?

It is something to pray about. I believe if churches were to begin preaching the WORK OF CHRIST AND HIS UNMERITED GRACE FOR ABORTION FORGIVENESS, that revival would break out across the world. There are SO MANY men and women that KNOW they messed up and need and want forgiveness and seek it from God to hear JUDGMENT and warnings and a lack of compassion. GOD HELP US!

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