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What is in your room?

Mud slinging is one thing, dirt bringing is another…the call is come “Just as you are, but please COME!

Most of us in the church know there is “an elephant” in the middle of ….sometimes our lives, our homes, our rooms, our churches…our relationships. “The elephant” can begin with us, individually and then collectively. We must get real. Our own hidden away places we don’t talk about or cover up on our own or agree with those around us to ignore or pretend don’t exist can cause us problems. These can become crisis points that often implode into catastrophes. Will you chose to deal with the elephant? Will you chose to deal with the elephant’s wreckage in your own life, home, church, community and then the world? This is our mission, if you chose to take it. Mission impossible ...with man, but possible only with God.

Bringing the hidden away garbage into the light, those things in the closet of the soul or in the closet of our lives or hidden away that others don’t know or things that others see but refuse to normally talk about is the dirt I am stirring up to clean up. It is needing a cleansing and it has felt great to me, to finally be honest and authentic and live out Revelation 12:11 but it comes at a cost in the process. The promise is true though for us all In Christ, it is the way to overcome! Come discover the break away secrets of hope! Will you break the ranks of normalcy in the church with me and begin to read and be real and live out Revelation 12:11 in real time ways with its Key? The blood of Christ cleanses us and brings the overcoming resurrection anointing necessary. It is the only place red and black is white. Death brings life and hopelessness brings hope. Jesus alone brings Hope from hopelessness. It is promised for He has overcome the world. White is the purity we are promised and IN CHRIST we are righteous and saints. We are free and clean because of Christ. It is a glorious fact and great truth!

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