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Out with the old, in with the new

The third leading cause of death in the USA is due to medical errors. Is that an alarming statistic to hear? We seek medical help and come to find out that often are endangered by the very help we seek! In fact, ….

Are we any different spiritually? We seek spiritual help and many go to church to find dry sermons that speak of man’s work, being good, trying harder, being moral and laying more burden and “heavy parachutes” for that “flight that goes bad” INSTEAD of relying solely on the work of CHRIST and the burden CHRIST BORE FOR US AND SHARING THE GOOD NEWS THAT IT IS FINISHED FOR US AND ALL WE NEED TO DO IS RECEIVE WHAT CHRIST DID FOR US! Man cannot earn salvation. We simply receive by faith by grace what CHRIST EARNED FOR US ON THE CROSS THROUGH THE RESURRECTION for the FORGIVENESS OF OUR SINS! THIS IS GOOD NEWS!

I met a man in his 80-90’s who told me he attended church most every Sunday of his life and he was sure he was going to heaven because of his church attendance and his goodness! Yet when I asked him how long he had known Christ as Savior he looked at me blindly. I asked him point blank, “have you ever asked God to forgive you of your sins through what Christ did on the Cross to atone for your sins?” He had not done this and did not know the most basic answers related to the true gospel! Yet he boldly declared he had spent hours, supposedly, in church each Sunday and was basing his eternal security on this attendance and attitude of righteousness. (The church he attended gave him NO better treatment or remedy than the medical errors of the third leading cause of death we just read about above!) SCARY SAD!

The point being we must offer the pure water of the true Gospel it is living and active and ever flowing and abundant and flows from within once the Holy Spirit comes and makes residence within a believer. O how glorious to truly KNOW CHRIST through His NEW Covenant of grace through CHRIST ALONE! Matthew 1:21 Jesus came to save his people from their sins!!! Let's get that message out clearly and loudly and widely

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