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The Ultimate Mentor

LOVE THIS TESTIMONY from the Book "The Life of AB Simpson":

Mentoring story:

“There was a young man among the converts who was so earnestly seeking to follow the Lord that he secured the pastor’s consent to spend half of his lunch hour with him daily, and under this influence seemed to be gaining strength and overcoming his temptations. When informed on one occasion that the pastor would be out of the city for a few days, his face fell. Then Mr Simpson said, “Will, how would it be, if instead of spending a half hour with you daily, I could live in you?” “O that would be fine,” Will replied, “for then I should always think and do and say just what you would.” “Then why not believe that Jesus Himself lives in you, Will?” said his pastor. When Mr Simpson returned, Will did not come as usual at the noontime; so he went to see what was the matter. Will greeted him with a happy face and said, “Pastor, it works. I shall not need to trouble you now, for I have found that CHRIST really lives in me.”*

Excited as I read this and convicted by Holy Spirit too while also feeling hopeful and challenged.

*Excited that The Ultimate Mentor IS WITHIN ME, The Holy Spirit!

*Convicted by Holy Spirit in questioning me: do I have any/many that see Jesus in me to the point they would want to spend regular time with me and learn from me as this convert and from time with me, learn how be sensitive to The Holy Spirit and for them to *find Christ really lives in "them too"!

For "we too" as believers In Christ Jesus as Lord and Savior are privileged to ABIDE IN THE HOLY SPIRIT!

Hopeful because the LORD is great and able to sanctify, Spirit Fill me more and more and bring me to this place of mentoring and infilling and bring His choice of those I am to mentor and be mentored by...

Challenged to pray and abide more and live John 15:5 my life verse so others can tell I have been with Jesus and can trust me to disciple them while running the race set before us to WIN CHRIST as their /our Greatest Treasure! Challenged also to have a heart that so wants to spend time with JESUS, and live an obedient, Spirit filled life where The Holy Spirit is leading me to live always thinking and doing and saying just what The Lord would will me to live! As Jesus was ever doing only what The Father showed Him to do, "we too" are blessed in praying and being sensitive to the Holy Spirit in being conformed to the likeness of Christ our Lord!

Here is the book and this man by testimonials about him seemed to Live Christ as Paul's great words exclaim.

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