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Lecrea's Forgiveness for Abortion and Stand For Christ's True Gospel is worth listening to or watching at link below:

Lecrae tells the true story behind the song, “Good, Bad, Ugly” —his remorse over abortion and the shame-cleansing power of the gospel that has now helped him stand for life with courage and compassion.

The Elephant Gospel is my husband and my public testimony of forgiveness for abortion. "We too" can say DITTO or LIKEWISE to the conclusions Lecrea has come to that the Gospel of Jesus Christ set Him free to tell of the forgiveness he has received because of Jesus! "We too" can tell others that "they too" can have forgiveness, healing and freedom!

Churches often do not address specifically the sin of abortion.

Did you know statistically that abortion is NOT a woman's choice? Statistically 70 % of abortions are forced. Men like Lecrae and my husband, many men for many reasons, initiate and push abortion and many women for many reasons, like me, did not know how to mean NO and stand fast to the NO to prevent the push.

God forgive us all! Fact is, God will forgive any who repent and trust in Christ! He promises He will many times in The Bible!

Many women, statistically 50% of churched women, have had abortions. Many do not share their "elephant in the middle of the church or life".

Many keep the secret and don't tell of their abortion.

But many go to church in hopes of hearing messages of forgiveness and grace and mercy of Christ's Gospel but instead get double victimized by religion and stampeded by condemnation or judgements.

Sanctity Sunday is often a nightmare for post-abortive men and women! The message of judgement often triumphs over mercy when THE MERCY OF GOD IS TO TRIUMPH over judgment!

There is Grace and Mercy at the Cross of Christ because of the Love of Christ and his coming to save us from our sins. This message of Hope needs clearly proclaimed.

"Regret of abortion is the most common experience of our generation."

Don't you think we as the Body of Christ might start specifically addressing this elephant in the middle of our churches, homes, world? And GOD help us TRULY GIVE OUT THE GOSPEL OF GRACE THROUGH CHRIST OUR LORD! Please share this with someone that has had an abortion!

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