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IRELAND's VOTE 5/25/2018

If we could have used a "time machine" and those of us today that have had abortions, WHAT WOULD WE SAY TO THE LAWMAKERS that voted on the ROE/WADE decision? Would might we say to IRELAND LAWMAKERS TODAY? What might Ireland learn from America's abortion statistics? Ireland is at a crossroad between life and death like Roe/Wade was for USA! Our prayers are needed! They vote on the issue this very day, 5/25/2018!!!! Link:3*

Here is what I would say to Ireland Lawmakers:

Please consider IF abortion is truly a woman’s choice, truly best for woman and families? Please consider the statistics. Study or look at the records of nations that have allowed abortion. The evidence in the statistics from post abortive women records reveal clearly that over 70% of them were forced or coerced to abort by her boyfriend, husband, by a parent or someone else!

Yes, a small number, a minority, like the one who started Planned Parenthood, Margaret Sanger wanted abortion and had no scruples about “ridding” an unwanted result of sex. Just studying Margaret Sanger and her quotes may change the minds of lawmakers! Where is love and protection in her thinking or quotes?

If VOTERS would attend abortions to actually see what happens and see the effect on the mothers and themselves, they would never Legalize abortion for masses: I believe this wholeheartedly! (Talk to anyone who visits a holocaust site in Germany. It is a similar experience, it seems!)

The majority of the millions of babies aborted were the result of forced abortion. That is my story and I speak up for the many ME TOO’s (of forced post abortive women and or those with sexual abuse history) out there in the world! So many women that were sexually abused or mistreated as children by men then are the ones who “gave in” to forced abortion!

Many of us tried to say no but didn’t know how to say NO and enforce NO. To mean NO and actually prevent the abortion seemed impossible to many!

Please look at the statistics and study this as a nation before you make this decision. If you were really wanting to do what’s right for a woman then study the results of those countries that have allowed abortions!

Sometimes religious people come across unloving and their unloving tacts and words actually has the opposite effect on lawmakers then they say they want! I apologize for the religious that have pushed for pro life in an unloving way. Many have suffered from their hands too and from their judgment instead of the mercy, support and help I needed!

This is an issue that is way more than religion or politics.

It is a right to life! Societies have been founded on the right to life, liberty and pursuit of happiness. The Declaration (of the USA) specifically mentions three rights which human beings possess by birth or by nature-life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. No one may rightfully deny us these things. Nor, since they are "unalienable," may we rightfully surrender them.

For those in the womb that cannot speak for themselves and for newly pregnant mothers that have a hard time standing up and fighting for themselves let alone their new pregnancy, I speak up, as I was one of those women and my child was one that was silenced and destroyed, killed!

Many women at first finding out they are pregnant are not sure what they want. It is a normal part of unplanned pregnancies to feel conflicted feelings: they are not sure what they really want. People in their lives often take this time of conflict to use it to gain what they want or think the the mothers should do! Some people, men n women are so unsure and afraid of the pregnancy themselves in the first few months and so are more easily cajoled into abortion thinking it the solution but later seriously regretting this!! Yes, afterwards, records indicate most are greatly saddened by the result of their choice or forced choice! Again, this shows in post abortive feedback reports! Please study post abortive women’s reports!

(It is also true for men who their "mates" choice abortion when they wanted the child and asked to support and keep the child to no avail.)

Very telling and visual is a look at the death count of abortions and how every second the numbers keep increasing we see how we are destroying our own at such rapid rates is more than a holocaust! Link *4

IF legalized there will be many who experience a personal “holocaust” and some women, by statistics, a majority, will be victims of abortion.

Being a LABOR N DELIVERY RN and witnessing and sadly participating in actually taking care of an aborted baby brought me to an awakening of the holocaust that heightened the loss, grief and reality of abortion. The baby was in or close to third term further along than expected and the medical team thought the baby might live. I had had the forced abortion myself five years before by my husband in my first month. The experience of caring for this aborted baby was an epic moment of gravest sadness in my life. *5

If lawmakers would attend abortions to actually see what happens and see the effect on the mothers and themselves, they would never Legalize abortion for masses, I believe this wholeheartedly! (Talk to anyone who visits a holocaust site in Germany. It is a similar experience it seems!)

Lawmakers may make a stipulation for very extremely rare cases or something to that effect (to prevent back road illegal abortions and give grace to rape victims that can't bear the pregnancy, etc.) but to generalize abortion for a nation is to destroy the nations future generations!!!! Even to consider this option perhaps consider the hundreds of rape victims of today that choose abortion and their experience, {*** Below information and testimony link***}

I believe having experienced the reality of abortion and its horror and the post abortion trauma PTSD then taking care of a mother who is aborted at midterm/end of their pregnancy, I URGE LAWMAKERS TO CONSIDER THE Horror OF ABORTION TO WOMEN LIKE ME!

Sexual abuse victims are often those who are then forced to abort. Forced abortions are the majority, the MAJORITY, STATISTICALLY! Again it is not a woman’s choice by post abortive records!

The death consuming sadness for people like me who gave into abortion is real but the great numbers of abortion can be prevented by not legalizing abortion!

I urge you lawmakers to consider your choice! You obviously are and will always be responsible for what you will put into law.


Please vote NO on Friday, May 25, 2018!

----- If people could have foreseen what Hitler would do, would they have supported him like they did? ----if people could have foreseen what Kermit Gosnell (6* LINK below: ) would do, would the people have allowed it?

----if people could have seen slavery would do in raping and destroying souls and wrecking havoc, dividing families and our country and bring about corspes without perhaps number of supposed united people, would they have allowed slavery? Let John Newton speak his thoughts from history and Abraham Lincoln too!

----if people would learn from history, we would not have to repeat the horrors. O that we would awaken to the truths!

When the people of God are given the facts will they choose to do what is right? Have we forsaken God and His ways? LORD HAVE MERCY, turn us back to YOU! OUR ONLY HOPE IS YOU!!!!

***"If you think rape and incest or terminating for medical reasons is a good reason to vote Yes on the 25th and legalize abortion in Ireland please go to my website and watch the documentary there. "Conceived in Rape and Other Exceptions" we interviewed over 30 people who told their own story. They were either conceived in rape or incest or were raising these children or children with Down syndrome or children with special needs or even severe genetic issues like Dominic below. We touch on thrse issues as well as ectopic pregnancys also. Let the people who have "Lived it" speak for themselves and tell their story before passing a death sentence on millions of other innocent children in the future. The vote on the 8th Amendment is Ireland's Roe that in the United States threw open the floodgates to abortion on demand and has caused the death of 60 million innocent children. 98% because they were inconvenient. Do you want Ireland's soil to be crying out with the blood guilt of millions of innocent unborn children?On exceptions for rape.Does it make sense to execute an innocent person for the crime of a guilty person? There are many women who were raped and had abortions who decades later are in therapy and counseling, NOT for the rape...but for the abortion! Because the trauma of rape is "Someone hurt ME. Whereas the trauma of abortion is "I hurt and killed someone else...and that person was MY CHILD!" and it is much more traumatic I am the producer. Please feel free to contact me if you would like to connect with some of these beautiful people directly You can use the message form on my website Conceivedinrape.comThe 8th amendment sets the Irish people apart as a unique people of the world. Ireland has framed within her Constitution the right to life of her posterity. Posterity means "Generations yet unborn." Striking it down will end the CONSTITUTIONAL right to life of the unborn in Ireland. We must pray and fast that the 8th will be preserved for the posterity of the people of Ireland.VOTE NO!!!

1* Link: is just a summary.

my favorite 1*: A Time For Courage: The Suffragette Diary of Kathleen Bowen, Washington, D.C. 1917 (Dear America Series) Hardcover – March 1, 2002by Kathryn Lasky (Author)4.5 out of 5 stars 30 customer reviews

2*: A Letter to My BrothersMay 3rd, 2018 BethTags: Posted in Uncategorized



*5 attached article below, first time published in public: See Operation Resurrection testimony below ********



Postnote to believers:

My (OUR) hope in GOD, that IN GOD there is no darkness and He has not forsaken us because of JESUS, is an anchor and assurance, our foundation and family IN CHRIST heritage!

We are all to have the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Yet Christ gave up his right to life, had temporary captivity, was treated and crucified as a criminal and yet always held fast to HIS FATHER to bring Him resurrection life and give us the liberty we needed and He did this with the joy set before him enduring the cross even to being forsaken by His Father on our behalf. This gives us LIFE ETERNAL for any who will believe, even for perpetrators, post abortive people and the "Jane Roes" of our lands! That is Good News and True Hope!

Operation Resurrection

There was no judgment, only sadness … after all how can one judge someone for something they themselves have done. The sadness remains the sorrow is shared.

The desired outcome was death. What do you mean “we don’t need any equipment”, I thought as I listened to the practiced calm voice on the other end of the phone and tried to decide what to do. (This call presented a reversal to the normal way of hospital care in the 1980’s in Western USA. Our obstetrics unit and NICU (Neonatal ICU) did everything they could to promote and sustain life and we worked as a team to help save the premature, sick, and needy babies. We prided ourselves in saving babies a few weeks past the half-way point of a pregnancy. Some were so small and fragile that it seemed impossible and yet so many grew and flourished and came back to the unit with their thankful parent’s even years later!) Contrast that usual way of “care” to what I am about to share with you and the reversal may speak to you things you may never have considered. I know I hadn’t considered them but things were about to change for me. It brought a challenge to me that ever remained before me and this article is my first step to take that challenge, over 25 years later. Will you take this first step with me? What is the first step? For me it is the telling of the story and its truth by writing it for the first time, for you the first step could be to read it. I will do my best to make it worth your while. Perhaps we both will come away better and with a desire and/or actions to change our world.

This story is a true eyewitness account of my experience as an obstetrics nurse called to “help” on a medical unit in a major western hospital in the 1980’s. First let me set the scene. I was twenty five years old and about five months pregnant. My husband and I had been married for about five years and we lived almost as far as you can live away from family in the continental USA, our families both in Florida. I was day charge nurse on a Labor and Delivery unit “the day that changed my life” when the call and “the duty to the call” came. It had been an unusually quiet day in L and D, as we called it. Even after all these years later, grey hair and all, I still vividly remember things that I have tried so hard to forget. That is when you realize what “trauma” really is. It does not need to be accident to be a trauma. It can actually be a planned event or part of the life of our own mother or our own selves or our hospital. I still am haunted by “the plan and procedures” in place for it all. The call I answered that day was a quick one that summoned me to come and “help” an abortion gone bad. As far as I knew this had never happened or presented itself to us as a L and D unit. I scurried to the unit where a waiting nurse gave me a quick report. The whole report I cannot recall. The idea that the baby was tragically further along than anticipated still registers shock to me. The crisis of the situation that they were in was evident. There seemed an unspoken question: “how could this have happened”, for all of us that day and this question still lingers in my mind. I did not know if the baby would be alive or dead when handed off to me. The desired outcome was death and I still could not quite come to terms with this fact alone. It was so foreign from all my training. An unspoken element, at least in my perception, of the whole scene was “don’t ask questions just stand by”. Usually in report you get as many questions answered and facts shared as possible to best promote life. Now the no need for more information on a baby we want dead was the essence of what I felt as I stood there in shock. I was told to handle it as a fetal demise. This meant that I would need to break the bag of waters, dry off the baby, clamp and cut the umbilical cord, take a lock of hair if there was enough to do so and do the usual prints. We were handling it like we would handle a mother on our unit when her baby tragically died and it was termed a “fetal demise”. The tragically died part hit me ironically. Doing the prints and all was part of the regular newborn demise protocol. It didn’t make sense because this mother did not want mementoes of this day or the baby she had just delivered. It all seemed so surreal. I felt I was in a bad dream and could not wake up. Worse I realized something so dark in myself that I had NEVER EVEN REALLY CONSIDERED and it awakened in me something that I had tried to numb, deny or cancel completely as though it had never even happened. Knowing what you have done verses having done it and not realized what it is you have done: Oblivious, is that the word I am looking for? My “Oblivion” was moving to full confrontation and realization: was this a blessing or the worst nightmare of my life playing out a second round?

I do not remember how long I waited or anything specific about the parents or doctor or any explanation of why we all found ourselves in this mess. We were here and had a job to do and put behind us. It was a job I never thought I would have to do even though at my initial interview I was questioned if I could work at a hospital that performed abortions and how I felt about it. I said what most college graduates say, it is not my place to judge, I am here to help. Now I wondered if by not judging if I had helped anyone or if I had contributed to the death of this unwanted baby. I had no answers.

I do remember the blue basin with “the contents” handed to me. I remember feeling very ill and nauseated to the point I almost bailed out and flat out refused “to do the job”. My baby inside my womb kicked, I remember that distinctly, and I remember feeling so relieved that he had not been killed and could not see what I was seeing. A kick verses a kill. What a contrast. What an eye opener. I cannot bare to describe the scene of what I was obliged to do that day in that “dirty utility room” all by myself with my baby inside my womb as a witness to the horror of emotions that I was powerfully and undeniably feeling. It is though they are imprinted on my mind and soul forever as one of those moments you desperately want to forget but never can. “The job” did not take long, I had to document some things and tried my “level best”, if there was such a thing left in me, to think and perform and accurately finish what was necessary for the completion of “the demise”. I remember exiting that “dirty utility room” like my life counted on it, like I was on the run from an actual fire, running from myself and the memories, the scene and the pain… It was if I literally could not breathe another breath in that room of death. The moment I was out the door, I sucked in a breath and held back the wrenching that deep in my soul and core I felt and needed desperately to relieve but could not allow if I was to survive the moments that followed. I had to hold on. My baby needed me to stay alive. I heard “she looks green, are you ok?” from a unit nurse but I could not answer but by a shake of the head. I could not bring myself to look up and face their faces. I felt the acid and bile and choked them back, the tears were in my heart flowing like a dam released: a dangerous torrent. I felt as much “on trial” as ever I have in my life. Like the world could see through me and know my past and what I had done. I felt the weight of my “choice”, and the knowing of what I did in a way that has taken me decades to recover from and share. I do so as a vow to my baby and my God to redeem the act by sharing my loss to promote TRUTH AND LIFE FOR SOMEONE ELSE. It is a desire for my baby’s death to count for someone else’s baby’s life…for something good on this side: to share the death to promote life... to stop the pro-choice holocaust. What is pro about it anyway?

To think that we did every single heroic thing to save babies on our unit for mothers that wanted their babies and to think that in the same hospital they were doing what they could to snuff out the life of babies of mother’s that did not want them, was hard to come to grips with. I still remember returning to my regular unit and thinking what defines life? The answer from that experience that day: in this country it is whether the mother wants the child or not. The reality of that was phenomenal and so UNTRUE and yet it is the “truth that is prevailing, be it a lie that is exchanged for the truth”. What could I do about it? I was as guilty as that mother.

No, I never had a second term abortion. I had a second week+ abortion and justified it as “birth-control”. The result was the same. I was responsible to protect what I killed no matter how small. I had moved on with my life and had not taken to heart what I had done. It was not until that fateful day in that dirty utility room, when I felt dirty and sad and unrecoverable and did not know how or what to do to make it better or different. The reality of what I had done had left me completely UNDONE for the first time. Woe to me. It was a Cataclysmic event to me. I was told to take the baby to the Laboratory and put the prepared package in the appropriate refrigerator. I was again shocked at this. I had reoccurring nightmares for months that the baby was crying and cold and nobody cared. I woke with a start and stared at the ceiling with the horror of what I had done and thought ok and what our world calls Pro choice. I had no answers only pain and sorrow so deep it felt to totally destroy my life. Am I exaggerating. Not in the least. The danger of being “normal” to our society is a grave call to remember and turn to The words of Jesus “Father, Forgive them for they know not what they do”, as He died for me on the Cross, it is the hope of all of us who have swallowed the “pro-choice” life. It was a life that denied life and called it positive. How can that be? For me it ushered me into the reality that JESUS CHOOSE DEATH FOR MY LIFE and that is the ONLY way there is any pro about it at all.

There are so many “moms” out there like me. Millions of them. Perhaps their world is like mine was prior to that fateful day: they have never really dealt with what they have done. It is their secret and theirs alone. We are only as sick as our secrets. I have broken the code of silence. The silent scream and the terrors by night, the cascading tears of the years will turn to a harvest of TRUTH AND LIFE. It is written in essence the PRO-CHOICE OF GOD’s SON BRINGS PRO-LIFE OF EVERY SINNER WHO WILL BELIEVE! BECAUSE OF JESUS WE CAN BE FORGIVEN AND JUSTIFIED…JUST AS IF WE NEVER SINNED!!! AMAZING GRACE, AMAZING LOVE! HOW CAN IT BE? HE DIED FOR ME!

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