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Looks and Feelings do not change Facts and "Being"

People can treat others like rats and thus feeling like a rat can feel true but not be true.

Rahab, Mary Magdalene, The woman at the well, The woman caught in adultery, Paul......a few that received God's gift, Christ, and were transformed and became heralds of the true Gospel.

Jesus was and is God. On that cross He did not look like God to others and maybe did not feel like God. It did not change the fact that He in that moment and always IS God and always will be God. Looks and feelings do not change fact. Even circumstances did not change who God is and His relationship with the Father! Even in that moment Christ cried out "MY GOD MY GOD, why have You forsaken me", Jesus was 100% GOD! Our sin caused His temporary forsaken state. So that we could be accepted! EPIC!

Jesus emptied Himself out for us. In Psalm 22 Christ (foreshadowing the cross and Christ taking on the sins of the world), Jesus is associated/identified as a WORM!

Because Jesus took on all our sin and was forsaken and gave up His Kingship to become NOTHING, we are given the rights to be children of God for any who believe IN CHRIST THE SON OF THE LIVING GOD and all Christ did to redeem us!

People often treat me like a betrayer or a rat. Like Rahab, I may have a different Rat story than her but Real Believers know who the HERO IS: CHRIST and put out the RED CORD OF FAITH IN THE BLOOD OF CHRIST AND DECLARE THE KEY TO ANY WHO WILL BELIEVE!

I hope to have the impact Rahab had in saving many by telling many and making the way for Israel of GOD!...GOD WILLING!

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