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You Too? "Confirm an experience"

You Too. What do those two words, "You Too", bring to mind to you?

With the "Me Too' new meaning arising from the "viral social media "speaking up" experience of 2018 "Me Too" has come to mean something altogether different than it meant a year ago.

It reminds me somewhat of "9/11" before and after 9/11/2001!

"You Too" can also mean almost anything in confirming a mutual experience.

Urban dictionary says "You too" means 'I love you' when you are talking to someone on the phone and you say 'I love you' and their response is 'You too' when they are somewhere they don't want those around to hear them say those three little words for whatever the reason."

I would love to think "You Too" was a real response to real love.

BUT life has many counterfeits.

"Me Too" fits my life because of what I experienced as a toddler and child. My early sexualization was abuse that brought heavy burdens, appallingly confusing sexual identity issues and was a true core catastrophe to me. Counterfeits and "coffin-type", "prison like" feelings that "marked me" as a "Me Too".

Today I would like to call out to those "YOU TOO's"....

Ones that may not have told anyone yet ...(A first telling can be pretty traumatic or dramatic, frightening or harrowing and/or downright denied if told to the "wrong" person. You Too's chose who to tell wisely and yes, hopefully prayerfully.)


Ones that have told, but maybe are still struggling to right their life due to lack of affirmation, support or the sheer onslaught of abuse experienced, and/or unresolved feelings/ongoing pain or many other factors that have been experienced or endured.


Ones that have been in recovery for years but still do not feel fully FREE AND HEALED and wonder if it is possible this side of heaven!

Do you fit in any of these descriptions or would you define your situation differently? Feel free to respond.

Recently, I was thankful to be invited to join a support group for recovering "Me Too's". There are many in the group who are "Me Too's in initial recovery". (I have about 20+ years of recovery in so far!) The Leader and Founder of the "secret group" recommended my book to one of the women involved as the leader knew both of our basic stories and apparently there were some major similarities. I sent out a free THE ELEPHANT GOSPEL Book to her. Last eve I received an incredibly encouraging text from this "Me Too" new friend and follow sojourner. SO due to this encouragement and another reported Me Too being helped, (story below*) I felt compelled to start a YOU TOO blog and potentially a YOU TOO YOU TUBE CHANNEL!

*The other story that recently encouraged me was of a homeless woman in a nearby town who was beside herself and barely making it. This dear lady told a ministry leader to the homeless "Nothing has helped me until someone gave me this book..." She pulled out The Elephant Gospel! Apparently The Elephant Gospel brought breakthrough to her! Specifics were not fully given. It sounded like, and I pray, it brought a true understanding of the Gospel to her and thus real Hope. The ministry leader involved is a friend of my sisters and knows I wrote the book and my sister was my main prayer intercessor! My sister called me immediately after her friend shared this with her! We both rejoiced!

If anyone wants a free copy of The Elephant Gospel, email me at or

If you do read THE ELEPHANT GOSPEL and find it helpful please feel free to share with others. Amazon says that writing reviews help books get attention and even sell. I am not trying to make money but GET THE TRUTH OUT. If you write a review it does not need to be involved. Writing even a couple words or a sentence on Amazon book reviews is an incredibly helpful catalyst to get the message out to others. Here is the link for easy reference:

Thank you so much. Stay tuned for more ME TOO, YOU TOO chats... If you have any questions or anything in particular you would like me to address, feel free to say...

Please feel free to email me or respond to this blog through contact info given.



Deborah Saint

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