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What Obstacles?

Pictures speak volumes, a 1000 words is the ole adage, but what do they speak is a matter of perspective. Four elephants that represent "The Gospel", now that is a new idea. Is it not? But can you see the symbolism and will you be curious enough to read on. After three years of praying the Lord through a series of events showed me how pictures of four elephants could represent the major stages of my life. I then weaved what became "these elephant parables" into my testimony. The theme or core of this parable also can been seen to correspond with the testimonies of Paul, Peter and yes the woman at the well. Maybe the reader will find it corresponds and relates to their life as well. So considering this unique representation, the book has a somewhat simple and yet complex setup attached to one of God's overcoming promises of Revelation 12:11. It is a promise not for the faint hearted, but sure to bring victory for those that choose to partake to overcome. Will you take the challenge? Will you overcome?

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