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Shake up your life: how to change your own perspective

Do you like things dirty and messy or clean and organized? Often if you answered the latter you have to endure the mess and dirt together to get to the clean and order, the freedom of release that comes from a cleansing.

We have to "get dirty" to get things cleaned up.

Can we easily admit most of us have enjoyed or gotten dirty along the way? But a bath is glorious , is it not? A bath is just the beginning. A new heart is a new start, a born from above life only possible by radical love. A revelation, a revolution is available and it is a take over to what we have always known before Christ. It is Good News. But it starts with a mess.

The church must "address SIN", (In the case of this book: read and consider the dirt, the set ups and sins and A Savior that cleanses...) and stop ignoring, hiding, covering, pretending or applauding the dirt but instead take it all to the place of cleansing to become the ready Bride God calls us to prepare to be! That is a goal of this book.

When you first started reading this second blog, perhaps you were thinking of your own home being clean and organized or messy and dirty and then I jump to you as a person taking a bath. I am hoping to show these are related. In the next blog titled "the elephant in the middle of the room" I hope to show that what you don't deal with deals with you! It affects you as a person and you home your relationships and everything in your life. The elephant in the middle of the round does put up dust whether we know it or not whether we see it or not, it's messy.

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